13 Colonies PowerPoint

13 Colonies PowerPoint – Your students will love learning about the 13 Colonies with this 100 slide PowerPoint presentation!

Students will learn all about Life in the 13 Colonies with over 100 slides of Information on the 3 different regions:
*New England Colonies
*Mid-Atlantic Colonies
*Southern Colonies

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Students will learn all about Life in the 13 Colonies with over 100 slides of Information on the 3 different regions:
*New England Colonies
*Mid-Atlantic Colonies
*Southern Colonies

This 13 Colonies PowerPoint presentation is packed full of creative and colorful slides with information about:
*The Colonists and Native Americans
*Life in the New England Colonies
*The Puritans
*Life in Mid-Atlantic Colonies
*The Quakers
*Life in Southern Colonies
*Life on the Southern Plantations
*Shipbuilding & Plows
*Natural Resources in the 13 Colonies

This complete unit includes information about trades, craftsmen, and artisans in Colonial times geared for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students. It includes:
*Town Criers
*Important Vocabulary
*11 Question Quiz
*Answer Key
*For Upper Elementary Grades – Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Core Knowledge and Common Core Aligned

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In this 13 Colonies Presentation there are 4 parts:

Introduce or review the vocabulary words with the real-life photos included. Read through the slides with the Colonists and the Native Americans. Hold a class discussion about it.

Information about each of the different regions:
Have students read the information on the slides about each region in the 13 Colonies: New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern Colonies. The information focuses on each region related to people, natural resources, climate, daily life, crops, houses, schooling, and economy. There are colorful scenes for students to connect to the information.

Colonial Jobs:
Have students read about the important artisans and craftsmen of the 13 Colonies. There are character studies for basketmakers, blacksmiths, printers, Shoemakers, tailors, silversmiths, merchants, brick-makers, wig-makers, coopers, town criers, and cabinet-makers.

Short Quiz:
At the end of the slideshow is an 11 question quiz and answer key to check for understanding. You could also have the students number a paper 1-11 and answer the questions and then go through and answers with them one by one, if desired.

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