American Civil War Activity Pack

Civil War Activity Pack for Grades 3-5 – with 22 passages, organizers, comprehension & connection activities, vocabulary posters, case files on important people & flip book! Your students will love this creative non-fiction resource all about the American Civil War! ***Newly Updated with a Unit Test that is EDITABLE!***

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The Civil War is the only time in history that the United States was divided and fought against itself. There were several reasons war broke out, including states’ rights and slavery. The Southern States strongly believed in states’ rights, where each state gets to make its own laws. In the end, the North was victorious with General Grant defeating General Lee. The nation had survived through the worst period in its history and was united once again.

Students will learn all about the Civil War with informational articles, organizers, and interactive activities for the causes, events, important people, and results of the war including:
*Slavery in America
*A Divided Nation
*Seceding the Union
*Lincoln is Elected
*Underground Railroad
*Fort Sumter
*Battle of Ironclads
*Battle of Antietam
*Battle of Gettysburg
*Sherman’s March to the Sea
*A Union Soldier’s Life
*A Confederate Soldier’s Life
*Surrender at Appomattox
*Emancipation Proclamation
*Keeping the Union Together
*Reconstruction of the Nation
*13th, 14th, 15th Amendments

With character studies on five important people:
*President Abraham Lincoln
*Harriet Tubman
*Clara Barton
*General Robert E. Lee
*General Ulysses S. Grant

This Civil War resource includes many interactive activities for reinforcing learning:
*Character Mini-booklets
*Cloze Passages
*Graphic Organizers with comprehension and critical thinking questions related to each article
*5 Page Civil War Flip Booklet
*Vocabulary Posters (12)
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
*Civil War Quiz
*Unit Test PDF
*Unit Test PowerPoint (EDITABLE)
*For Elementary Grades – 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade
*Common Core Aligned

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