Amerigo Vespucci Activity Pack

Students will love learning about Amerigo Vespucci with this fun and engaging resource. This pack on Amerigo Vespucci has it all with informational articles, biography organizer, comprehension questions, vocabulary posters, map activity, and a 5-page flip-up book!

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As a young boy, Amerigo Vespucci studied navigation. His curiosity and love for the sea made him eager to learn more. Much of his life story remains a mystery to this day but one thing is for certain. Vespucci proved that the New World was a separate continent from Asia.

This packet includes many interactive activities and learning opportunities for students including:
*Informational Articles
*Comprehension Questions
*Answer Keys
*Meet Amerigo Vespucci
*Amerigo Vespucci Mini-Booklet
*Just the Facts
*Instruments for Navigation Activity
*Map Activity
*Navigation Mystery Flaps
*Biography Organizer
*Color the Facts
*Vocabulary Posters
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
*PLUS 5 Page Flip-up Booklet

There are three main activities:
Introduce the six vocabulary words with the real-life photo posters included. You could post these posters around the classroom and have students travel around to match up and define the words in their flip flaps or use as a center activity. These posters are excellent for a bulletin board display too. There’s also a colorful map included to help students visualize the expeditions of Vespucci.

Next, have students read the informational articles about Amerigo Vespucci and the Incas. Next, have them complete the organizers and answer the comprehension questions. There are two different articles: one with more detailed information and one for younger students. You could have students work with a partner or in small groups to research more about Vespucci.

Interactive Activities:
I’ve included lots of hands-on activities in this pack depending on the age of your students and time allotted for this unit.
*Color the Facts
*Comprehension Questions
*Navigation Mystery Flaps
*Mini-booklet with Timeline Activity
*Just the Facts
*Plot it Out Map Activity
*5 Page Flip book
Have students complete the Flip booklet and build it page by page. I usually have them do one page at each center or learning station. They can use the articles as a reference source to help them complete the pages of the booklet. Lastly, they cut, color, and assemble the booklet. Flip-up books can be glued or stapled inside their interactive notebooks, file folder, or a 12×18 piece of construction paper folded like a book cover. They could also decorate the outside of the folder with a colorful poster or their own design. Or staple the organizer on the other side of the book cover, like a lap book. Have fun exploring!

*For Elementary Grades – Second grade, Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Great for Core Knowledge
*Common Core Aligned

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