Classroom Jobs Pack with Posters and Teacher Checklist


This creative and colorful classroom jobs pack is perfect for back to school season! Classroom Jobs help students learn how to be responsible by using these effective and adorable classroom job cards, posters, sign up sheet, and teacher record keeping charts.


Simply print out the job cards, cut in half and laminate to use year after year. I like to hang these on a long rope using clothespins or paperclips across the classroom or on a large bulletin board to easily refer to throughout the year.

Each month have students write down their top 3 picks for a class jobs on the job sheet provided. Set up your record keeping charts by writing the name of each month across the top (there are 10 spots). After choosing each student’s job, record the student’s name next to the correct job for that month. This makes it easy to keep track of who has done which job throughout the school year.

Included Classroom Jobs:
Pledge Leader
Budding Botanist
Captain Caboose
Line Leader
Energy Conservationist
Office Assistant
Clean Up Inspector
Lunchroom Monitor
Bathroom Monitor
Calendar Assistant
Supply Manager
Lab Assistant
Chairman of the Board
Lunchroom Helper
Merry Messenger
Class Librarian
Class Vet
IT Assistant
Door Holder
Paper Pusher
Desk Detective
Recess Helper
Snack Assistant
Handy Helper
Pencil Patrol
Recycling Manager

Have other job titles or job names for your classroom? Two blank job cards are included to create your own jobs.


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