Clouds Activity Pack & Flip Book


Your students will love learning about 4 types of clouds and then creating a clouds flip-up booklet! These are perfect for science centers too!This unit includes informational articles and activities all about clouds and 4 main types of clouds. Simply print-n-go!

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Have you ever sat down in the grass before to watch the clouds float by? Sometimes they look like a giant puffy cotton ball. Sometimes they look like thin dotted lines in the sky. They might even look like a dinosaur stomping across the sky. Clouds look different but they are all made of the same thing: water. Clouds form when tiny drops of water and ice join together in the sky.

This unit includes informational articles and activities all about clouds and 4 main types of clouds. Simply print-n-go!

Vocabulary posters can be printed in black and white or color. These are great for introducing the unit or to use for a centers activity where students complete the vocabulary flip flaps by using the vocabulary posters that are displayed around the room or on a bulletin board.

Show What You Know: have students complete the Cloud Flip-Up Booklet by answering the questions, cutting, coloring their illustrations of the different cloud types, and then assembling it.

Flip-Up booklets work really well in centers. Have students complete one page of the booklet at each center and then put it all together. They are great for interactive notebooks, file folders, or inside a 12×18 folded (in half) construction paper cover. If using construction paper covers, have student decorate the cover to make it a cloud book! They serve great as study guides, or even for bulletin board displays.

For Elementary Grades – Second grade, Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Great for Core Knowledge
*Common Core Aligned

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