Core Knowledge 2nd Grade Social Studies Timeline Posters & Activity Pack

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Add some pizzazz to your classroom this year! This creative resource came about as a special request for a teacher friend. She wanted a way to display a timeline all her social studies units for the year for her 2nd-grade classroom.


As we worked on this unit, other ideas for activities emerged until we ended up with this final resource with 38 photo posters and related timeline activities. I hope you enjoy using it as a learning tool in your classroom too!

The photo posters can be used in many different ways.
Some ideas:
Display them around the classroom in chronological order to refer back to throughout the year
Post them as a bulletin board display for each domain/unit
Display them as you work on each domain then add them to the timeline that circles around the classroom.
Use them to introduce each domain/unit

Timelines can be a confusing concept for younger students. There are several timeline activities included to help students grasp this concept. There are 6 different timeline activity pages, one for each domain, included in this pack. I have included two different versions of each timeline. One is a cut, sort, and glue activity that matches the dates on the photo posters—great as an activity for centers. The other one is a blank timeline so students can write in their own dates and information for important historical events.

There are 38 Photo Posters for the following domains included:
Early Asian Civilizations
Ancient Greek Civilization
American Government: The Constitution
The War of 1812
Westward Expansion
The Civil War
Immigration & Citizenship
Fighting for a Cause (Civil Rights)

This is companion resource for Core Knowledge Second Grade, Engage NY, CKLA Domain 2: Early Asian Civilizations, CKLA Domain 3: The Ancient Greek Civilizatino, CKLA Domain 5: The War of 1812, CKLA Domain 7: Westward Expansion, CKLA Domain 9: The U.S. Civil War, CKLA Domain 11: Immigration, CKLA Domain 12: Fighting for a Cause.

Civil War Unit
Westward Expansion Unit
13 Colonies Unit
Revolutionary War Unit
Ancient Rome Unit
Early Explorers Unit
Three Branches of Government Unit
US Constitution Unit
Native Americans Unit
U.S. Landforms Unit
Ancient Egypt Unit


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