Ecosystems Complete Bundle

Learning about ecosystems has never been so much fun! This BUNDLE has 15 passages, organizers, vocabulary posters, comprehension and connection activities, a slideshow presentation, case studies on herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, and so much more! You will love this complete kid-friendly and engaging unit!

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This Complete BUNDLE includes everything you need and more:
*100 page Activity Pack with Printables
*80 Slide PowerPoint Presentation

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An ecosystem can be huge like the Amazon Rainforest or as small as a puddle in your backyard. There are both living, and non-living things make up an ecosystem. This Ecosystems Unit includes High-Interest Informational Articles written in Kid-Friendly Language geared for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. Articles are about the following environmental science topics:

*Types of Ecosystems (Micro, Meso, Biomes)
*Biomes: Aquatic and Terrestrial
*Abiotic and Biotic
*Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores
*Natural Cycles of Earth
*The Balance of Nature
*Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers
*Animals Basic Needs
*Food Webs & Chains
*Great for Science Centers or Partner Work
**Plus students will meet a famous environmentalist, John Muir

Engaging Hands-on Student Activities included in this Ecosystems Unit are:

*Show What You Know Activities
*Abiotic or Biotic
*Comprehension Questions
*Cloze Passages
*Build a Food Chain Activities
*Case Studies on Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores
*Trifold Organizers for each type of animal
*Fact or Fiction Coloring Activity
*Vocabulary Flip Books
*Vocabulary Posters- perfect for introducing unit and bulletin boards!
*Organizers and Mini-Flap Books- great for interactive notebooks!

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Using my Five Step Method below makes learning about Ecosystems meaningful and fun for students.

Part 1: Hook’em with “Fast Facts True or False” Anticipatory Guide. Students predict at the beginning of the unit the answers to guided questions and then check-n-correct their answers after learning the information and end of the unit.

Part 2: Read-n-Visualize with high-interest informational Articles all about Ecosystems with real life photographs written in kid friendly language. Articles can be used as a unit overview, study guides, centers (station) activities, group work, or even as notes for their binders or notebooks.

Part 3: Focus on Skills: to reinforce and enhance student learning with a variety of skill-based activities such as:
Fact vs. Opinion
Making Connections
Supporting Details and Main Idea

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Part 4: Realistic Ecosystem Vocabulary Posters with real life photographs to use on the document camera, interactive whiteboards, or perfect for bulletin board displays. You can either preserve these for another year or bind them together as a book for your classroom library.

Part 5: Show What you Know! Student quick check questions, writing prompts, engaging activities, and reflections to evaluate learning. Reflections are perfect for student portfolios and Parent Teacher Conferences.

In this, Complete Unit is an 88 PowerPoint Slideshow just perfect for Grades 2-5!

This Ecosystems Slideshow Presentation includes a:
1. This includes an 88 slide PowerPoint all about Ecosystems—with colorful clipart and real life photos. There are slides on each topic below plus comprehension questions and vocabulary slides, too!

The following environmental science topics are included in this pack:

*Types of Ecosystems (Micro, Meso, Biomes)
*Biomes: Aquatic and Terrestrial
*Abiotic and Biotic
*Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores
*Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers
*Animals Basic Needs
*Food Webs & Chains
*The 94 Slideshow with colorful clipart and real photos is perfect for whole group instruction.
*For Upper Elementary Grades – Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Common Core Aligned

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