End of the Year Bundle with Class Awards, Memory Book, Letters to Students & Parents

Our End of the Year Bundle has FIVE great resources all in one pack! It includes the Best Year Ever Memory Book, Growth Mindset Class Awards, Character Traits Awards in B/W, End of the Year Letter to My Students, and End of the Year Letter to Parents.

The Best Year Ever Memory Book Keepsake
Growth Mindset Class Awards Variety Pack {Editable}
Character Traits Awards in B/W
End of the Year Letter to My Students {Editable}
End of the Year Letter to Parents

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Create a Class Memory Book:
Students complete, color, and decorate 19 reflection pages about the best school year ever! It’s perfect to use with multiple grade levels because there are cover pages for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and even a Star Student Cover!
All pages are in black and white for students to complete, color, and make their own end of the year memory book!

*The Best Year Ever Cover (5 versions)
*Introducing Me!
*When I Grow Up
*Words are Powerful (words that describe me!)
*My School Rocks (girl and boy versions)
*Here’s My Teacher (Mrs., Ms., and Mr. versions)
*My Favorite Things
*Moments of Pride
*My Friends
*Favorite Specials
*The Best Books (girl and boy versions)
*I’m a Star Writer
*I’m a Star Mathematician
*I’m a Star Historian
*I’m a Star Scientist
*The Best Field Trip
*Our Class
*Autographs Please!
*For Elementary Grades – First grade, Second grade, Third grade, and Fourth grade


Growth Mindset and Character traits awards are a terrific way to recognize your students at the end of the year! Celebrate and reward your students with these EDITABLE and unique classroom award certificates. Just print you’re ready to go or personalize to create your own.

Awards Included:
Fantastic Helper
Technology Wiz
A Real Class Act
Master Mathematician
Superstar Speller
Brilliant Scientist
Amazing Writer
Awesome Bookworm
Super Sporty
Rock’in Musician
Super Environmentalist
Innovative Inventor
Brilliant Historian
Full of Character
Full of Spirit
Full of Heart
Creative Doodler
A Dazzling Star
A Fabulous Friend
Outstanding Organizer
Social Butterfly
Fashionably Chic
Presidential Award
Pro Gamer Alert
Sunshine Award
Achievement Award
Presidential Award
Star Student
Student Voting Pages

Celebrate the end of the school year with these creative class awards that are EDITABLE by opening the PowerPoint. Only the text is editable!

Click inside each textbox to change:
*Name of Award
*Award Description
*Student Name
*Teacher Signature

Create personalized awards your students will never forget!!


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