Explorers of the New World Pack #2

Learning about these 7 Early Explorers has never been so much fun! Take a look at this complete and creative hands-on activity pack that is sure to captivate your students.

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Students will learn about early explorers with Informational Articles and Interactive Activities geared for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th-grade students.
It includes information on the following explorers:
*Ferdinand Magellan
*Amerigo Vespucci
*Samuel de Champlain
*Hernan Cortes
*Francisco Coronado
*Francisco Pizarro
*Hernando de Soto

In this unit (over 150 pages in all!) the informational articles and student activities will help students think about the essential questions such as:
*Why were the Europeans interested in world exploration?
*How did the Native Americans and explorers impact each other?
*What were some of the obstacles the explorers had to overcome in the New World?

This activity pack includes many interactive activities and creative learning opportunities for students including:
*Anticipatory Set T/F
*Instruments for Navigation
*Navigation Mystery Flaps
*Comprehension Questions
*Just the Facts
*Plot it Out Map Activity
*Answer Keys
*Vocabulary Posters
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
*Writing Prompts
*Biography Organizers
*Explorers Timeline Mini-Booklets

There are informational articles and related student activities about:
*The Age of Exploration
*The Voyage to the New World
*Native Americans & Explorers
*Instruments for Navigation
*The Incas
*The Aztecs
*Meet Magellan
*Meet Amerigo Vespucci
*Meet Samuel de Champlain
*Meet Hernan Cortes
*Meet Francisco Coronado
*Meet Hernando de Soto
*For Elementary Grades – Second grade, Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Great for Core Knowledge
*Common Core Aligned

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There are LOTS of activities in this packet. I prefer to give bonus activities and then let you decide what will work best for your needs and your students.

Introduce the unit with Early Explorers Anticipatory Set of T/F questions to pique and build background knowledge. As a whole group read the informational articles about the Age of Exploration, Native Americans & Explorers, and Instruments for Navigation and complete the student activity related to each article.

Introduce the six vocabulary words with the real-life photo posters included. You could post these posters around the classroom and have students travel around to match up and define the words in their flip flaps or use as a center activity. These look great on a bulletin board also.

Next, create a learning station for each of the seven explorers in this pack. In a folder at each station include the informational articles about that explorer, voyage map, biography organizers, just the facts page, and comprehension questions for the students to complete.

Explorer Timeline Mini-Booklets are perfect for interactive notebooks, extended activities, homework, or for reviewing at the end of the unit. Have students complete it by writing 3 facts about that explorer, cut out and put the timeline dates in the correct order and glue on the inside of the mini-booklet. Then color and attach inside their notebooks, if desired.

The articles and writing activities are designed to help students think about essential questions such as:
*Why were the Europeans interested in world exploration?
*How did the Native Americans and explorers impact each other?
*What were some of the obstacles the explorers had to overcome in the New World?

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Explorers of the New World PACK #2
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Balboa Unit & Flip Book
Francisco Coronado Unit & Flip Book
Jacques Cartier Unit & Flip Book
Samuel de Champlain Unit & Flip Book
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