Growth Mindset Class Awards Variety Pack of 30

These Growth Mindset Class Awards are perfect for the end of the year! Thus pack includes 36 different colorful designs with and without clipart. Plus they are EDITABLE so you can personalize them too!

These unique awards are a terrific way to recognize your students at the end of the year!
There are two different files included in this variety pack:
*Quick Print–PDF—just write in their names and sign it!
*Personalize them using the PowerPoint—you can change/add your own award names, descriptions, student names, and even your signature.

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Celebrate the end of the school year with these creative class awards that are EDITABLE by opening the PowerPoint. Only the text is editable! The clip art kids are embedded into each page in order to protect the artist’s work.
Click inside each textbox to change:
*Name of Award
*Award Description
*Student Name
*Teacher Signature

***Only the text is editable. To edit the text use the design pages included in the PowerPoint. Click inside the text boxes on each page and enter your own information such as award titles, descriptions, student names, and even your signature.

Awards Included:
Great Effort
Great Perseverance
Awesome Attitude
Great Determination
Bold & Brave
Great Strength
Spunky Spirit
Great Leader
True Sportsmanship
Energetic Learner
Totally Dedicated
Excellent Enthusiasm
Totally Determined
Devoted Worker
Lively Learner
Really Responsible
A Go-Getter
Super Studious
Stellar Student
A True Believer
A Shining Star
A Ray of Sunshine
Amazing Attitude
Fabulous Friend
Honest & Noteworthy
Rock Star Award
Wise One
Happy Thinker
Great Believer
Star Student
Creative Writer
Kindness Award
Creative Thinker
Teacher Directions

Since you can edit the text, you can create your very own masterpieces for personalized awards that your students will never forget!


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