Human Body – Skeletal System

Students will love learning about the Skeletal System with this complete resource! This unit has it all from informational articles, related activities, vocabulary posters, organizers, cloze passage, comprehension questions, and a 5 page flip book all about our bones!

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This unit includes many interactive activities and learning opportunities for students with informational Articles on:
*Our Amazing Bodies
*What is a Cell?
*Our Skeleton is like a House
*Groovy Bones
*Bones are Tough Stuff!
*Protect Your Teeth
*Check out this Joint
*Appendicular & Axial Skeletons

Plus students will Meet Robert Hooke, a brilliant scientist who first discovered “the cell” and complete a fact booklet.

Students can apply their knowledge and show what they know with these connection activities:
*Comprehension Questions
*Skeletal System Organizers
*Label a Cell Diagram
*True/False Questions
*Cloze Passage
*Check Out This Joint Flaps
*Name the Missing Bones
*Calcium Needed Activity
*Vocabulary Posters
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
PLUS a 5 Page Flip Book

There are 3 main activities:
Read. Connect. Create.
Introduce the 6 vocabulary words with the real-life photo posters included. You could post these posters around the classroom and have students travel around to match up and define the words in their flip flaps or use as a center activity. These posters are excellent for a bulletin board display too.

Introduce the unit by having students answer (predict) the questions in the anticipatory set. Come back at the end of the unit to check and correct their answers. Next, have students read the informational articles about the skeletal system, our bones, and joints. Then complete the two organizers and answer the comprehension questions. Have students read the character study where they will meet Robert Hooke. He was the first to discover cells.

Interactive Activities:
There are lots of hands-on activities in this pack depending on the age of your students and time allotted for this unit.
*Calcium Needed Activity
*Label the Cell Diagram
*True/False Questions
*Appendicular & Axial Skeleton Coloring Activity
*Name the Missing Bones
*Check out this Joint Flip-Flaps
*Robert Hooke Character Study & Facts
*5 Page Flip Book


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