Revolutionary War PowerPoint

Revolutionary War PowerPoint – Students will love learning about the American Revolutionary War with this creative 95 Slide Presentation! This unit includes a 95 Slide PowerPoint Presentation just perfect for teaching a unit on the American Revolutionary War. It’s geared for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students.

This Revolutionary War Slideshow includes:
1. 95 slide PowerPoint all about the Revolutionary War—with colorful clip art and real life photos

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Students will learn all about the American Revolutionary War with informational articles with scenes for students to connect and color. There are tons of hands-on creative activities for students including graphic organizers, and interactive activities for the causes, events, battles, important and influential people, and results of the American Revolutionary War.

Causes Highlighted:
*French and Indian War
*The Stamp Act
*The Boston Tea Party

Battles Highlighted:
*Battle of Lexington & Concord
*Battle of Saratoga
*Battle of Yorktown

Outcome/Results Highlighted:
*Continental Congress
*Treaty of Paris
*Declaration of Independence
*Writing of the Constitution


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