The Runaway Pumpkin Task Cards

The Runaway Pumpkin is a delightful book that describes the journey of a runaway giant pumpkin as it bumps and thumps its way through the Baxter farm, only to end up as a family feast that night. These EDITABLE task cards are so versatile because there are so many different ways to use them in the classroom!

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This zip file includes both a PDF and PowerPoint version making them EDITABLE so that you can create your own cards or change the text to make it your own! If you prefer, just print the PDF version, and it’s ready to go!

Here are a few fabulous ways to use them:
*as scoot cards –get the kiddos moving around the room
*as desk rotations or all around the room games
*for centers or stations after reading The Runaway Pumpkin
*as a question of the day activity
*as a quiet activity for fast finishers
*for indoor recess

They work well for partner work or individual work.

This set includes:
*44 Halloween Task Cards
*Blank Cards
*Student Recording Sheets
*Answer Key

First, read the book “The Runaway Pumpkin” with the class. Then divide up the 44 task cards into 3 or 4 centers. Have the students answer the questions on the answer sheet provided. Then rotate to a new center to answer the next set.

This set includes comprehension questions, figurative language questions, and critical thinking questions. Here a few examples:
*Little Lil was cautious. Give a synonym for the word “cautious.”
*What is a “runaway” pumpkin? Is it a good title for this story?
*Does Little Lil think it’s a good idea to roll the pumpkin down the hill?
*Can you find the verb?
“Now, at the bottom of that hillside, where that boundin’ pumpkin sped…”
*What does it mean in the story “till it knocked him for a loop?”
*Why did Little Lil get Granny? What can you infer?
*How was the Baxter’s Halloween different from most people?
*What is the setting of this story?
* AND much more.

Just print, cut, and laminate. These are best if printed on card stock and laminated to keep them preserved for years to come. Wipe down and store in large Ziplock baggies.


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