War of 1812 Activity Pack

The War of 1812 Unit comes with 11 passages, organizers, comprehension & connection activities, vocabulary posters, case files on important people & flip book! Your students will love this creative non-fiction resource all about the War of 1812!

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The War of 1812 did not win freedom, gain new land, or end slavery. However, this war changed life for many people. The Native Americans were the ones who suffered the most from the war. They were badly defeated on the battlefield, and now the British would not help them anymore. Even though Americans did not gain riches or land from the war, they gained something even more important: a renewed sense of pride.

Students will learn all about the War of 1812 with informational articles, organizers, and interactive activities for the causes, events, important people, and results of the war including:
*Impressment of American sailors
*War Hawks
*Battle of Tippecanoe
*The British Attack Washington DC
*America Fights Back
*Old Ironsides
*Battle of New Orleans
*A Sense of Pride
Students will meet three important people with case files on:
*President James Madison
*Dolley Madison
*Andrew Jackson
This unit includes many interactive activities:
*American Flag Activity
*Star-Spangled Banner Fill-in the Blank Lyrics
*Character Mini-booklets with Timelines (cut-n-sort booklets)
*Graphic Organizers
*War of 1812 Flip Book
*Vocabulary Posters
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
*Vocabulary Cut-n-Sort Activity
*Unit Test (Editable)
*Answer Key for Test


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