5 Ways to Make Mother's Day Special

Time to gather up the kids and make a special gift just for Mother’s Day! What mother wouldn’t appreciate a homemade gift from her child? The projects highlighted in this article are fun, creative, and don’t cost much. Besides, the best gifts for Mom are free!

A Little History

Mother’s Day dates back to ancient Greece when the people paid tribute to Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. Later in history, England paid tribute to mothers on “Mothering Sunday” or the fourth Sunday after Lent. There were several women who suggested the idea of Mother’s Day, but it wasn’t until Miss Anna M. Jarvis from Philadelphia campaigned to make Mother’s Day a national holiday that it came to be. In 1910, the first Mother’s Day was proclaimed and was celebrated by West Virginia and Oklahoma. By 1911 every state observed Mother’s Day. On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued the proclamation making Mother’s Day an official national holiday. Miss Anna Jarvis’s mother’s favorite flower was the white carnation, so it was chosen to represent the sweetness, purity, and endurance of a mother’s love.

Some Ideas for Making Mom’s Day Special

Have student conduct an interview with their mom. The act of conversation is a wonderful gift. This is a great activity for students to do with their mothers or grandmothers to learn more about their past. Using the questions below, students interview their mother or grandmother and write down their responses or video record them using an I-pad or cell phone.

  • Ask questions about her childhood and her favorite memories as a young girl.
  • What were her favorite subjects in school?
  • What is her favorite color, number, and holiday?
  • What is her favorite movie, candy, and ice cream flavor?
  • Who was her best friend when she was growing up?
  • What is her favorite hobby?
  • What is her most embarrassing moment?
  • How did she meet your father/grandfather?
  • Ask her about the day you were born.
  • What is her favorite memorable moment with you?

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Here are other ideas to give mom some special attention:

  • Make your mom breakfast in bed.
  • Do your chores without being asked.
  • Get along with your brothers and sisters—no fighting. Keep today a quiet and peaceful day.
  • Give mom the gift of time. Let her take a long, luxurious bubble bath.
  • Leave a love letter or card for mom under her pillow.
  • Make mom a gift from the heart using one of the ideas below.

Little Hands Make Fond Memories

It may sound a little cliché, but if you and your child put time and thought into making this thoughtful card, it will become a treasure. Use this idea for this year, but also consider starting a tradition. Make one every year as Mom will enjoy seeing her child’s growth and will cherish these cards forever.


  1. Take a sheet of construction paper and fold it in half.
  2. For the front handprint, brush poster paint on the underside of each student’s hand.
  3. Press the hand (with fingers spread apart) onto the paper.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Decorate the inside of the card with hand-drawn pictures or the poem below.
  6. Write or type a poem like the one below and glue it inside.
  7. Have each student write his/her name and the date.

This is to remind you

When I have grown so tall,

That once I was quite little

And my hands were very small!

Author Unknown

A Gift of Chores

What mother could resist a little help around the house from their child? This is a gift that keeps on giving—Mom can redeem her chore coupons or flowers whenever she needs a helping hand. We've added 18 coupons in the Mother's Day Pack.

To personalize have students make chore flowers:

  1. Have students cut out the flowers from different colored construction paper.
  2. Take a craft (Popsicle) stick and help the child write a chore on the stick with a fine-tip marker—you will need 5-6 sticks.
  3. Glue the paper flower to the top of each craft stick.
  4. To make the flower pot, just grab a paper cup and place a wad of clay at the bottom.
  5. Place the stick flowers inside and insert them into the clay, so they stand upright.
  6. Write the little poem on a piece of paper and attach it to the cup with a ribbon.
  7. The best way is to punch a hole into the paper and a hole into the cup—thread the ribbon and tie a bow.

Examples of Chores:

  • I will put away all my toys
  • I will help you empty the trash
  • I will sing you a song
  • I will help clean the dishes
  • I will help make dinner

Dear Mom,

I’d like to show you in my own way,

How much I love you each and every day!

May kisses and smiles come your way,

With lots of love on Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

A Hanging Flower Printable for Mom

What better way to celebrate MOM than with a free printable DIY of a few of our favorite flowers? This printable was created with elementary students in mind because it’s easy-breezy to create this work of art in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need for each student:

  • Colored pencils
  • Cardstock or a light-shaded paper
  • A paint brush
  • White paint or clear coat
  • Twine, ribbon, or yarn
  • Flower printable
  • Scissors
  • Glue or invisible tape
  • Two wooden dowels, rods, small sticks, or other items to frame the edges of the print

Just follow the steps below to create a Mother’s Day work of art:
Step 1: Download the flower printable HERE. Print it on thick paper.
Step 2: Have students color the print using colored pencils.
Step 3: Paint the dowel rods and set them aside to dry for 15 minutes.
Step 4: Next, place the dowel rods, sticks, or other rulers on the top and bottom edges of the print. Carefully turn over the print and tape or glue to secure the backside of the print to the rods.
Step 5: Repeat along the bottom edge of your print.
Step 6: Next, cut about 10-12 inches of twine, ribbon, or yarn and tape to the backside of the canvas.
Step 7: Presto! Have students sign their names on the back of print or create a special card to go along with the gift. Now for the fun part…students get to help pick out a place where display this pretty print.

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No matter how kids honor their mothers, it’s sure to be appreciated for years to come! There is nothing more special than a gift made by a child – it’s priceless!

Happy Mothers Day