Geography Activities with 12 Major Landforms and Flip Book

Learning about geography and landforms has never been so much fun! Perfect for the back to school season to review or introduce geography skills! his pack now includes 12 major landforms with reading passages, photo posters and graphic organizers!

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This activity pack is perfect for introducing and reviewing geography skills through creative hands-on activities. Students will love creating this geography flip up book in centers or social studies stations. All the activities in this pack will reinforce and expand their understanding of geography and culture.

Students will learn and review the main concepts of geography including these main concepts:
Natural Resources:
Renewable Resources
Non-Renewable Resources
Climates: Tropical, Temperate, and Polar

There are 12 landforms with corresponding landform organizers included for:
*Swamps and Marshes

There are many interactive student activities including:
What Landform am I?
Color the Facts About Geography Activity
Label the World Map
Cut and Sort Activity about rivers, oceans, and lakes
Venn Diagrams
12 Landform Organizers


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