Revolutionary War Activity Pack

This COMPLETE unit on the American Revolutionary War has it all! Students will love learning all about the American Revolutionary War with this creative and interactive resource that highlights causes, main events, important people, and results of the Revolutionary War all in one!

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Students will learn all about the American Revolutionary War with informational articles with scenes for students to connect and color. There are tons of hands-on creative activities for students including graphic organizers, and interactive activities for the causes, events, battles, important and influential people, and results of the American Revolutionary War.

Causes Highlighted:
*French and Indian War
*The Stamp Act
*The Boston Tea Party

Battles Highlighted:
*Battle of Lexington & Concord
*Battle of Saratoga
*Battle of Yorktown

Important People Featured:
*George Washington
*Ben Franklin
*Thomas Jefferson
*John Adams
*Paul Revere
*John Hancock
*Patrick Henry
*Benedict Arnold

Outcome/Results Highlighted:
*Continental Congress
*Treaty of Paris
*Declaration of Independence
*Writing of the Constitution

This unit includes many creative hands-on interactive activities and learning opportunities for students including:
*Revolutionary War Anticipatory Set T/F
*Important People of the Revolutionary War
*Leaders and Influential People Mini-booklets
*Revolutionary War Cloze Passages
*Graphic Organizers custom-created for the American Revolution
*Revolutionary War Vocabulary Posters
*Vocabulary Flip Flaps
*For Elementary Grades – Second grade, Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade
*Great for Core Knowledge
*Common Core Aligned


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