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Celebrate Holidays Around the World Bundle with 7 Different Countries


This FUN Holidays Around the World BUNDLE includes reading passages, activities and vocabulary posters for 7 different countries all around the world:



⭐Las Posadas



⭐St. Lucia’s Day

⭐La Befana

⭐Christmas in Canada

For each holiday in this bundle, there are two reading passages, activities, vocabulary, and a flip book. Time to get those passports ready for a Holidays Around the World Virtual Field Trip!

Take your class on a holiday virtual field trip this year!

Holidays Included:

✔What is Hanukkah?

✔What is Kwanzaa?

✔What is Las Posadas?

✔What is Diwali?

✔What is Christmas?

✔What is St. Lucia's Day?

✔What is La Befana?

✔Christmas in Canada

Countries included:

✔United States of America







Activities Included:

Vocabulary Posters for each Holiday

Spotlight on Vocabulary for each Holiday

Organizers for each Holiday

Fact or Fiction Activity

AND a 5-page Flip Book for each Holiday

The holiday posters with real-life photos make a beautiful bulletin board display in a snap!


In this pack is a Holidays Around the World Scrapbook that you can use in a variety of ways depending on time allotted and the age of your students.

As a final project, students will make a Holidays Around the World Scrapbook! The booklet is designed as a mini-book to save on paper. They will read or review about each holiday and then tell about the symbols related to that holiday. There is a cover for students to decorate and then attach all the pages to make the booklet. I like to use ribbon or twine to attach the pages of the booklet to make it look festive. 


A fun holiday writing center activity is to print out the postcard templates (back to back) on cardstock. I’ve included twenty photo options to use for the front side! Just print in black and white and the photos will still look fabulous! There is also a holiday scene in black and white for them to color if you prefer. Then have students write a note to a family member or a friend telling what they did during that holiday or what they experienced and learned while visiting that country. I've also included "A Letter to Santa" template and example.


A fun activity is to create a pretend passport for students. Just copy the number of pages you need depending on which countries you are visiting. Each time they have visited a new country, have the students color the corresponding flag.

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