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Mother's Day Coupon Freebie


In this unit, are several activities to make Mother's Day special.

Have student conduct an interview with their mom. The act of conversation is a wonderful gift. This is a great activity for students to do with their mothers or grandmothers to learn more about their past. Using the questions below, students interview their mother or grandmother and write down their responses or video record them using an I-pad or cell phone.

  • Ask questions about her childhood and her favorite memories as a young girl.
  • What were her favorite subjects in school?
  • What is her favorite color, number, and holiday?
  • What is her favorite movie, candy, and ice cream flavor?
  • Who was her best friend when she was growing up?
  • What is her favorite hobby?
  • What is her most embarrassing moment?
  • How did she meet your father/grandfather?
  • Ask her about the day you were born.
  • What is her favorite memorable moment with you?