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Take a Step Back in Time To Learn All About Ancient Egypt Unit


Step back in time and explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt with this fun and interactive unit. Students will explore the rich history, culture, and accomplishments of this ancient civilization through informational articles, student activities, vocabulary posters, maps, timelines, organizers, and more. With over 100 pages in all, this comprehensive unit is sure to captivate and engage students' imaginations and inspire a lifelong passion for learning!

There are 18 reading passages on the following topics:

  • A Great Civilization
  • The Nile River
  • Nile Delta
  • A Tough Life (Boys vs. Girls)
  • Bread, Fish, and Flax
  • Mud Brick Houses
  • Traveling by Boat & Camel
  • The Famous Pharaohs
  • Meet Cleopatra
  • Meet King Tut
  • Meet Osiris & Isis
  • Myth of Osiris and Isis
  • Religion was Everything!
  • Perfect Pyramids
  • Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Symbols of Ancient Egypt
  • Social Classes of Ancient Egypt

    This unit also includes many student activities, many of which can be used for interactive notebooks:

    • Mystery Envelope Activity
    • Anticipatory Set T/F
    • Map of Ancient Egypt
    • Character Mini-booklets for Cleopatra & King Tut
    • Daily Life Cloze Passage
    • Graphic Organizers for each part
    • Social Class Pyramid
    • Steps of Mummification
    • Vocabulary Posters
    • Vocabulary Flip Flaps
    • Spotlight on Vocabulary
    • Trading Card Project (2)
    • Comprehension Questions
    • Timeline activity
    • Flip Book
    • Myth Cards
    • Quiz with Answer Keys
    • Unit Reflection


    There are five main activities:

    Introduce the Unit:
    I like to start off the unit with a mystery box activity, a box that is filled with different items (mainly contributions) related to ancient Egypt. For example, I might put a piece of paper, makeup, the Eye of Horus, a paper pyramid, a piece of gold, a chunk of salt, and a small baggie of dirt to represent silt. Have students guess how each of these items is related to ancient Egypt but don’t give them the answers. You can revisit the mystery box at the end of the unit when they become experts. Setting up this scene creates a natural curiosity to motivate students to want to learn all they can. Included is a mystery envelope activity for students to do in groups instead of the whole group.

    Print out the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt pictures on cardstock, cut into cards, laminate (if desired) and place into several envelopes, one for each group. Included are eight that are clipart and 8 with real photos depending on the age of your students. Using the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Recording Sheet, students discuss and write down their rationales, best guesses, and questions/wonderings. Then do the Ancient Egypt Anticipatory Set of T/F questions to pique and build background knowledge.

    Next, read the informational articles about the six different topics in the unit: geography, Daily Life on Food, Clothing, Shelter, Religion, Social Classes, and Myths. Complete the questions and custom-created organizers for each section.

    Student Activities:
    Create a learning station for each character study. In a folder at each station include the informational Meet Cleopatra and King Tut and mini-booklets for students to complete. Students complete the Character Mini-Booklets by writing three facts about that person, put the timeline dates in the correct order, coloring, cutting, and gluing inside their notebook or a lapbook. There are two articles on each person: one in b/w and one in color to laminate and post on a bulletin board if desired. Remind students to be mindful of the dates because there are B.C. and A.D. dates for the timeline.

    Vocabulary Activities:
    Introduce the vocabulary words with the real-life photo posters included. You could post these posters around the classroom and have students travel around to match up and define the words in their flip flaps or use as a center activity. These posters are excellent for a bulletin board display too.

    Tie it all Together:
    Bring the students together for class discussions to check for understanding and further their critical thinking skills after each lesson. At the end of the unit come back to revisit the mystery box/envelope activity and Anticipatory Questions to check and correct their answers. There’s also maps, timeline, mystery flaps, myth cards, quiz and unit reflection.

    Be sure to check out the PREVIEW for more information

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