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Early Explorers Project: Create Your Own Trading Cards (24 Explorers Cards)


Take a look at this FUN explorer research project that is sure to captivate your students. This pack includes 24 Explorers Trading Cards and a research organizer! It does NOT include any reading passages, this is ONLY the trading cards.

Teacher Notes:

Over the years, I have seen my own children fall in love with collecting trading cards such as Pokemon. So I knew it would be fun for students to make their own trading cards about famous people in history. It’s also a great way to practice summarizing. And that is how this product came about.

Then I had a thought...What if students could save and collect trading cards throughout the school year for different units? Cards could be saved to review for tests or just for fun. (NEW Trading Cards coming soon for my other units!)

 For best results, print the cards on cardstock or premium brochure and flyer paper from Office Depot. The cards will last longer and be more sturdy. Remember to set the printer on the best quality setting. There are labels in this pack to glue on the front of the pockets or you can write the names using a sharpie if desired. I hope your students love this project as much as mine do!

Suggestions for Use:

  • Have each student research a different explorer
  • Use this as a fun culminating activity 

It includes trading cards for the following explorers:

⭐Hernando de Soto

⭐John Cabot

⭐Vasco Nunez de Balboa

⭐Juan Ponce de Leon

⭐Christopher Columbus

⭐Henry Hudson

⭐Jacques Cartier

⭐Amerigo Vespucci

⭐Hernan Cortes

⭐Ferdinand Magellan

⭐Francisco Coronado

⭐Robert de La Salle

⭐Panfilo de Narvaez

⭐Jacques Marquette

⭐Samuel de Champlain

⭐Alexander Mackenzie

⭐Simon Fraser

⭐Sir Francis Drake

⭐Bartolomeu Dias

⭐Sir Walter Raleigh

⭐James Cook

⭐George Vancouver

⭐Leif Erikson

⭐Francisco Pizarro

Students will love researching about these famous early explorers and then creating and collecting trading cards to collect.

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