5 Fun Activities To Celebrate Presidents' Day

The celebration of our nation’s former leaders takes place every year on Presidents' Day, a holiday that was established in the late 1800s to honor two of our greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Though both presidents were born in February, this special holiday honors the life and achievements of both men and serves as a reminder of the importance of their legacies.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this holiday and a freebie!

Read a Presidential Book

Do you want to learn more about our nation's most famous leaders? Take a trip to the school or public library to sign out some of the most popular books about them! Whether you're stocking your classroom library or creating a read aloud bin, these books can help you illustrate the lives and accomplishments of our nation's leaders. Explore the stories of these remarkable individuals and get an up-close look at the history that shaped America!

  • Lincoln and Grace: Why Abraham Lincoln Grew a Beard By Steve Metzger and Ann Kronheimer
  • P is for President By Wendy Cheyette Lewison
  • Abe Lincoln's Dream by Lane Smith
  • George Washington's Socks By Elvira Woodruff

Watch a Video or Two

Activities for the Classroom

Use our Presidents Day Activities to jumpstart your student's learning about the most important men who have served in our country's highest office. With this educational and engaging President's Day activity pack, kids will have fun and learn about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the office of the President. From coloring pages, to word searches, to writing exercises, this activity pack has everything to introduce the exciting and interesting history of the United States' Presidents.

In this President's Day Activity Pack, students will learn all about
✔George Washington
✔Abraham Lincoln
✔History of Presidents' Day
✔Becoming a United States President
✔A Presidential Job

Set up Stations Around the Classroom

Station 1: Read the Passages and Answer Comprehension Questions

The two individuals introduced in this passage have lived remarkable lives, achieving amazing feats and making an immense impact on the world around them. Students will learn more about these incredible people and answer the comprehension questions for each passage.

Station 2: Complete the Character Mini-booklet with Timeline Dates.

Are you looking for an interactive way for your students to learn about these two famous presidents? Complete the character mini-booklets with timeline dates will provide an exciting and engaging way for students to become familiarized with the characters they are reading about. With these mini-booklets, students will be able to visualize each person's journey in a timeline, providing them with a greater understanding of their life story.

Station 3: Vocabulary Posters and Activities

Celebrate Presidents' Day by introducing six essential vocabulary words related to President's Day with real-life photo posters. Educate and engage your students while they learn the history and importance of Presidents' Day. Encourage your students to explore the photo posters, match up the vocabulary words, and use their flip flaps to define the words. These informative posters are the perfect addition to your classroom bulletin board display.

Station 4: Complete a Flipbooklet

Let your students engage in a creative and hands-on activity as they explore the historical celebration of Presidents' Day! From completing the Mystery Flaps to assembling a 6-page Flip Booklet, students will learn all about the history and importance of the holiday. With passages to refer to and the chance to color and decorate their finished product, your students will have an interactive, educational experience that highlights the importance of Presidents' Day.

Go on a White House Scavenger Hunt

Use the freebie below to learn more about the White House. Students can go to the White House Historical Society to hunt online for the answers!


White House Scavenger Hunt for Presidents Day

 Click on the picture above to download the freebie.

Hope you have a great Presidents' Day!