5 Fun Activities To Celebrate Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day became a holiday in the late 1800s to honor George Washington. His birthday is on February 2. But since Abraham Lincoln was born in February as well we now honor both former leaders on this holiday.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this holiday and a freebie!

Read a presidential book:

  • Lincoln and Grace: Why Abraham Lincoln Grew a Beard By Steve Metzger and Ann Kronheimer
  • P is for President By Wendy Cheyette Lewison
  • Abe Lincoln's Dream by Lane Smith
  • George Washington's Socks By Elvira Woodruff

Watch a Video or Two:

Go on a White House Scavenger Hunt: (Grades 3-6)

Use the freebie below to learn more about the White House. Students can go to the White House Historical Society to hunt online for the answers!

Learn All About It:

With this creative activity pack, students will love learning all about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and a presidential job in honor of all presidents.

In this President's Day Activity Pack, students will learn all about
✔George Washington
✔Abraham Lincoln
✔History of Presidents' Day
✔Becoming a United States President
✔A Presidential Job

Ways to Use the Activities in the Classroom:

1. Read the passages about each person's incredible life story. Then answer the questions on the organizers.

2. Complete the character mini-booklets with timeline dates. These fit nicely inside their notebooks. 

3. Set up stations around the classroom to complete all the pages of the flipbook. 

 Hope you have a great holiday!