Celebrating Black History Month In the Classroom

Every February, we dedicate a month to celebrating and acknowledging the rich and diverse history of Black Americans. Black History Month is not just a time for remembrance; it is a period to honor the remarkable contributions and significant achievements of black individuals throughout history. This year, we are taking a unique approach by celebrating 26 influential leaders in an interactive and engaging way.

Meet the Leaders

We have compiled a list of 26 remarkable individuals who have made significant contributions to various fields such as literature, civil rights, science, and sports. From iconic figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Maya Angelou to lesser-known yet equally influential leaders such as Shirley Chisholm and Louis Armstrong, each one has left an indelible mark on our society. As we explore their stories, we also highlight the impact and legacy they have left behind for future generations to learn from and build upon.

Bringing History to Life

Our Black History Month Bulletin Board Posters provide a vibrant and engaging learning tool that helps students and learners of all ages understand the lives and accomplishments of these influential figures. Each of our 26 biography posters, available in both portrait and landscape, features essential facts and insights into these leaders' lives, making history more accessible and engaging.

Our pack includes biography posters and organizers for the following influential leaders:

1. Harriet Tubman

2. Rosa Parks

3. Mae Jemison

4. Shirley Chisholm

5. Marian Anderson

6. Althea Gibson

7. Sojourner Truth

8. Ida B. Wells

9. Ella Fitzgerald

10. Mary McLeod Bethune

11. Bessie Coleman

12. Maya Angelou

13. Zora Neale Hurston

14. Benjamin Banneker

15. Booker T. Washington

16. John Lewis

17. Muhammad Ali

18. Louis Armstrong

19. Frederick Douglass

20. Barrack Obama

21. Langston Hughes

22. Thurgood Marshall

23. Jackie Robinson

24. Dr. Charles Drew

25. Martin Luther King Jr.

26. George Washington Carver

Each leader has played a vital role in shaping our history, and their stories are a testament to their courage, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to justice and equality.

Ways to Use These Resources

The colorful posters make for an eye-catching bulletin board display. Alternatively, you can set up an interactive bulletin board, encouraging students to engage with the leaders' stories by reading the posters and filling in their biography organizers. These resources can also be used at different stations, allowing students to explore several influential leaders' lives and complete the organizers throughout the month.

Ideas for Use:

Writing Assignments: Use the biographies as prompts for writing assignments. Students could write a letter to the leader, a diary entry from the leader's perspective, or a short story inspired by the leader's life.

Group Discussions: Facilitate group discussions based on the leaders' lives and their contributions, enhancing critical thinking and collaborative skills among students.

Remember, the key to effective learning is making it fun and interactive, so feel free to get creative with these resources! Let's inspire the next generation of leaders together. 
Let's celebrate their achievements and honor their legacy. And let's continue to draw inspiration from their lives as we strive for a more inclusive and equitable future.
We also have Black History Month Research Poster Project in our shop that goes along perfectly with these posters.