Easy Easter Bunny Craft Project for Kids

How did a rabbit become a symbol of Easter? A long time ago, the Easter hare (Oschter Haws) started as a folktale. As the story goes, the Easter hare would lay colorful eggs in nests for children on Easter Sunday. This tradition dates back to the 1600s in Germany. Long ago, children would make nests for the Easter Bunny to leave colored eggs in. This has changed over the years to include chocolate and other goodies, and a decorated basket replaced the nest.

Rabbits are Social Creatures

Rabbits are small mammals with whiskers, long ears, and fluffy, white tails. Some species have ears that can grow to be up to 26 inches long, from tip to tip, giving them excellent hearing. Students will love this activity pack all about rabbits and making an adorable Easter Bunny craft project.

 Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

Reading About Those Furry Mammals

Start by reading the passages all about rabbits and answering the comprehension questions. Students will love making this cute bunny craft and assembling the 10-page flip-up booklet. The flip booklet pages attach to the inside of the bunny's mouth. These super cute bunnies make an extra cute bulletin board display too!

Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

Make an Easter Bunny Craft

Using the reading passage, students can answer the questions on the flip book pages. Lastly, they cut, color, and assemble the craft. 

Follow the Steps Below:

Print the bunny templates on colored cardstock as directed in the pack. You can choose to make your bunny white, grey, light brown, or beige. I recommend using a thicker paper like cardstock (65 lb) from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon.

Easter bunny craft project for kids

The inner ears and nose can be colored pink or printed on pink paper or cardstock. There are lots of pretty pinks available. You'll also need a piece of black construction paper to make the whiskers.

Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

Easter bunny craft project for kids 

Cut out the large circle and fold in half. This will become the bunny’s face and mouth.

Easter rabbit craft project for kids

Glue the inner ears to the outer ears and attach them behind the bunny’s head. Cut six thin strips of black construction paper for his whiskers. 

 Easter bunny craft project for kids

Glue the eyes, paws, nose, and whiskers in place.

Easter bunny craft for kids

Lastly, attach the flip up pages to the inside of the bunny's mouth.

Easter Craft Project for Kids

Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary posters are included in this unit to help students visualize and connect to the information. These colorful posters make an attractive bulletin board in a snap! A Spotlight on Vocabulary activity is included too.

Rabbit vocabulary activities for kids

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Rabbit Craft for Kids

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