Ladybugs are Amazing Little Critters That Help Our Planet

The world is full of insects. In fact, scientists estimate that there might be as many as ten million different species of insects! It's important for children to understand that insects can be useful for the environment and that we shouldn’t be afraid of them. In this post, I'll share some activities, resources, and books for kids to learn more about these amazing little critters.  

Lucky Little Ladybugs

Did you know that if a ladybug lands on you, it’s a sign of good luck? A ladybug is easy to identify. If you see a tiny red bug with black spots flying by, it is probably a ladybug. Students will love this ladybug unit and adorable craft project.

Q: Why did the bug cross the road?

A: Cause he wanted to see the "Ladybugs" 

Ladybug activities for kids


Start by reading the passages all about ladybugs and their life cycle and answering the comprehension questions on the tri-fold booklet. Students could work with a partner or you can use it as a learning station activity. An answer key is included.

Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Ladybug craft for kids

Ladybug crafts for kids

Ladybug Craft:

Students will love making this cute ladybug craft and assembling the 8-page flip-up booklet. Print the ladybug templates on red, orange, or yellow paper as shown in the pack. I used this starter cardstock kit from Amazon.

Ladybug crafts to do with kids

Cut out each of the ladybug's body parts and flip-up pages.

Ladybug crafts for kids

The flip booklet pages attach to the inside of the ladybug's mouth.

Ladybug Crafts for Kids

These lucky ladybugs make an extra cute bulletin board display too!

Ladybug crafts for kids

The ladybug's head can be either red or black. For a black head, simply trace around the circle using a white colored pencil or chalk. 

Ladybug Activities for Kids


Vocabulary posters with real-life photos are included to help students visualize and connect to the information. I recommend printing the vocabulary posters on premium brochure and poster paper to make them come to life!

Ladybugs unit for kids

Ladybug craft for kids to make

These colorful posters make an attractive bulletin board in a snap! Vocabulary activities are included to reinforce learning.

Ladybug craft for kids

This activity pack includes all you need to teach students about ladybugs and create this creative craft project. You can find this fun unit by CLICKING HERE!

Ladybug crafts for kids

Recommended Books to Accompany This Unit:

Are You A Ladybug? by Judy Allen

Beginning with its title question, "Are you a ladybug?", this accessible book is perfect for reading aloud and tells young readers how they would experience life if they were a ladybug.

It's a Good Thing There Are Ladybugs by Joanne Mattern

This book opens with a short list of "good things" that each animal contributes to the ecosystem opens these books. Bats, for example, eat insects and spread pollen and seeds. The content then shifts to more general information about physical features, life cycles, and habitats. Full-page photos of mostly high quality match the simple text effectively, aided by useful labels. Interesting details are judiciously woven into the broader overviews, some within the main text and others through "fun facts" insets.

Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons

Ladybugs are a type of beetle. They live on six of the seven continents. There are believed to be about 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs around the world. Here are descriptions of their physical characteristics, their four states of development from egg to adult, and how they live. Ladybugs eat insects that damage plants and are an important part of our environment.