The Fight is Real: How to Nix Nature-Deficit Disorder with Your Kids

Guest post by Susan Good from Retired Educator

Nature-deficit disorder is real, and it's proving to be a real threat. It's a noticeable fact that the children of today are as far removed from nature as humans will ever be as they veer closer and closer to technology. As a result, they're missing out on nature's inherent rewards, which can lead to serious health consequences. So today, we are sharing some resources to help you understand why our connection to the outdoors matters and how to get your kids back to nature for good.

Mother Nature's Gifts

Learn about the many benefits of spending time outdoors and how being in nature can affect your children's well-being.

Best Outdoor Activities

To truly appreciate nature, take the family on an outdoor adventure!

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

When the weather doesn't cooperate, introduce Mother Nature into your living space.

Explore a National Park

Visiting a national park with kids can be an excellent way to provide them with a unique educational experience and foster a love of nature and the outdoors. If you can't go in person, take a peek at our National Park Coloring Book series that feature famous landmarks and animals that call the park home. 

Ultimately, going back to nature is much easier than you might expect as long as you keep it fun and engaging. In time, your kids will recognize what a true gift you're giving them by taking them away from their gadgets and getting them outside.