6 Fun Activities to Learn About The Weather

When it's yucky outside and the kids get grumpy because it means indoor recess for yet another day, it's a signal that now is the perfect time to set up our rain gauges as part of our fun weather unit. Weather is an important part of our everyday lives. Knowing what the weather is going to be like helps us decide whether to wear shorts, carry an umbrella, or wear a warm coat and mittens each day. But it also helps farmers know when it's best to plant their crops. Pilots and air traffic controllers use the forecast to predict if it's safe to fly today. When people plan a vacation, they probably look at the forecast to plan their trip.

Weather Instruments flip book for kids

Your students will love our creative and interactive pack with information on erosion, forecasting, types of clouds, weather instruments, and meteorology all in one pack!

Weather Activities for Kids

Students will act like meteorologists to gather information about the weather using many different tools and instruments. They then make a forecast or prediction about what the weather will be like that day.

Weather Activity Pack

In our weather activity pack students will learn all about:

  • Weather Instruments
  • Weathering & Erosion
  • Four Types of Clouds
  • Meteorologists & Forecasting
  • Weather Maps
  • Vocabulary Posters

Weather Activities for Kids

In this complete unit, students will work on many hands-on creative activities to make learning fun yet meaningful. These are ideal for using at science centers, extension activities, or homework. Many of the activities fit perfectly in their science interactive notebooks so students can use them to help with science projects, homework, or to review for unit tests.

This weather activity pack includes several reading passages designed for students in grades 2-5 with real photos about the weather, weathering, erosion, types of clouds, weather instruments, forecasting the weather, meteorologists, weather maps, and much more!

Weather Activities for Kids

There are four character studies where students will meet Benjamin & Marie who are young scientists in training, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, and Anders Celsius.

Weather activities for kids

The vocabulary posters with real-life photographs make designing a bulletin board a snap! Students will love traveling around the room to find and write down the definitions in their interactive notebooks underneath the vocabulary flaps.

Weather bulletin board with vocabulary

To reinforce learning have students complete the weather graphic organizer, weather maps with critical thinking questions, types of clouds accordion booklet, and thermometer activity.  An assessment and unit reflection is included to evaluate learning.

Weather Instruments Activities for Kids

Weather Instruments Activity Pack

Inside this pack,  you will find only the information and activities related to five weather instruments. There are passages to read about each weather instrument. Using the articles like a guide, they complete, cut, color, and assemble the weather instruments flip book.

  • Barometer
  • Wind Vane
  • Rain Gauge
  • Anemometer
  • Thermometer

Many of the activities in these units work well for partner and group work. Other teachers who have used this resource have suggested to read the passages as a whole group activity and then let the students spread out around the room to work on one activity each day.

Check Out Our Complete Weather Bundle Here

We also offer the whole Kit and Kaboodle BUNDLE that includes 15 passages, weather maps, vocabulary posters, weather instruments, organizers, comprehension and connection activities, test, 2 character studies on Celsius and Fahrenheit, AND a 100 slide PowerPoint presentation, and so much more!

Weather vocabulary activities

So don't let the rainy weather get you down! Instead, use it as an avenue for students to learn about different weather instruments and do fun science experiments just like a real meteorologist.